Aaron Grider is a man who understood that his life was not his own. He realized he was part of a greater story, which is why he embraced his calling to be a warrior and fight for the protection and freedom of others.

Aaron lived his life with passionate thanksgiving. He had a contagious smile, immeasurable energy, extraordinary dedication, and faithful spirit. First and foremost, Aaron considered himself a child of God; an undeserving recipient of God’s compassion, mercy and grace. He lived his earthly life in selfless service to others as a response to the gift he first received from Christ.

Aaron was a devoted husband and father. He loved his family with unreserved passion, always acting in the interest of others, no matter the sacrifice on self.

Aaron was a warrior, fighting for justice, freedom and peace. He enlisted in the Army in 1998, immediately after graduating from high school, serving as an Airborne Infantryman. In 2000, he graduated from Ranger School and served in 2nd Bn., 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment as well as 1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment. In 2005, he was assigned as a special operations team member, United States Army Special Operations Command (Airborne), Fort Bragg, NC. On Aaron’s 30th birthday, God called him home. Aaron was killed on his 9th deployment, serving Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

The motivation to create this foundation comes from Aaron’s legacy – the way he courageously and selflessly lived his life for the good of others. Aaron did not live his life in fear; he lived his life in hope. Aaron woke up every day giving thanks for another day full of opportunities to serve.

Aaron and his wife Brittany, from the day they met, desired to minister together; to participate in God’s unfolding story of compassion, justice, and mercy. The Aaron Grider Foundation. Hope Endures. stems from a desire to continue to selflessly serve others, and as Aaron did, to live life in hope. Aaron and Brittany never anticipated how their lives would unfold, yet hope endures and ministering can happen in unexpected and powerful ways.


… about our logo …

The Aaron Grider Foundation. Hope Endures. logo contains deep personal meaning in combination with a greater message. Aaron Grider drew for his wife Brittany a drawing of earth, wind, fire, and water. The circle has been replicated; each one representing the color of its unique element. Earth, wind, fire, and water signify diversity and unity; each having its own unique purpose yet at the same time intertwined fully in nature.

In life, each of us have distinct stories — stories of joy and of suffering; still we remain connected and part of something greater than ourselves. For the “afflicted, the fatherless and the widow” our stories of grief are as important as the future that lies ahead. For all of us, we seek hope and unity amidst the diversity of our stories.