Building Community

May 19th, 2015

Two days, 8 hours – we built, we laughed, we accomplished a task with community and for community. On Thursday April 22 and Saturday, April 24, Aaron Grider Foundation (AGF) brought together individuals to work with Habitat for Humanity on two houses that are being built for veterans in Moore County, NC. Our group consisted of active duty soldiers and chaplains, veterans, spouses, surviving spouses, church members and family. We nailed, nailed, and nailed some more. It was a great day of fellowship and building.

Serving our local community in this way was a powerful reminder and affirmation of what AGF is all about. AGF is about encouraging individuals to live lives of gratitude; therefore, we ask those who have given sacrificially to give even more as we engage, empower, and equip them to serve. Healing happens through service because in service we are reflecting the light of the Son of Man, who came not be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).

AGF is about stories – stories of joy amidst sorrow, perseverance amidst pain, and gratitude amidst sacrifice. Each of our stories, whether they are stories of loss or gain, strength or weakness, are integral in the one overarching story of redemption, a story where Jesus is hope because of His ultimate sacrifice in death and ultimate triumph in resurrection.

The individuals that came together to work on these Habitat houses for these veteran families have different backgrounds and diverse stories, but each of the stories gathered together those two days to build and serve are stories of joy, perseverance, and gratitude that find their meaning in the One who gave it all, that we might gain it all.

Habitat Build 1

Habitat Build 2