AGF Builds with Habitat: Building for Veterans, Building for Community

September 15th, 2015

In May, and more recently in July, AGF brought volunteers on three different days to work with Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills. Our volunteers consisted of surviving family members, active duty soldiers and chaplains, military family members and church members. AGF is about stories – diverse stories that are ultimately a part of a great story. To see the coming together of various stories all serving a common purpose is a powerful testament of what it looks like to care for those in need.

Two of the five houses that Habitat is currently building in Aberdeen, NC are for veterans of the US military. The two veteran’s houses were completely funded by the Home Depot Foundation, and the project began when over 100 employees of Home Depot came to break ground and begin building in early May. It has been a great privilege to work on these houses as they come together beautifully and will soon be completed.

As dual citizens of an earthly and eternal kingdom, we are called to serve our brothers and sisters in need, not out of obligation but out of gratitude. In the simple work of our hands and the giving of our time, it is our prayer, that the true gift of grace be seen.

Thanks to all those who have already come and volunteered with AGF and Habitat, and we look forward to serving alongside even more willing hearts and willing hands.