2016 AGF Short-term Missions Trip

February 16th, 2016

Dear potential AGF short-term missions-trip participants,

Aaron Grider Foundation. Hope Endures. (AGF), in partnership with Casas por Cristo has an incredible and unique opportunity for you to be part of building a house for a family in Acuña, Mexico. The dates of the trip are Monday, June 13-Sunday, June 19, 2016. When we arrive, we will meet an excited family that owns an empty plot of land. When we leave less than one week later, this family will have the keys to their new home in hand. “While meeting the physical needs of the families, it is our prayer that our work allows local pastors the opportunity to better meet the spiritual needs of their communities. We will work as servants for their ministries” (Casas por Cristo website).

I have had the privilege of building 10 houses in Mexico with this wonderful organization. I can’t speak highly enough of their mission, staff, expertise, their compassion for the people of Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic and their heart for helping spread the gospel of Christ. We will have a Casas staff person with us the entire time, one that is familiar with Acuña, the people, and is an expert builder who will facilitate the process.

The cost per individual is $425, which, as you will see below, primarily goes toward purchasing the building materials for the house. As a group working with Casas por Cristo, we are responsible for paying for the house and building it. Our recommendation is that you get your community involved as well – friends, family, congregation – and ask for their support in helping raise money for your portion of the materials. Remember that gifts made to AGF are tax-deductible.

We also ask that you cover your travel expenses to either San Antonio or Del Rio, Texas. If you are flying, it is easiest to fly into San Antonio. We can give you recommendations and guidelines on this as the date approaches. We do not want money to be a hindrance to your participation; therefore, scholarships are available! Please contact Brittany at brittany@aarongriderfoundation.org for more information.

We hope you are able to join us! Below is some additional information that will cover logistics in more detail. Please don’t hesitate to contact Brittany with any more questions you may have.


Questions and Answers

Who can participate?

Anyone! All ages may participate. If you are a surviving family member and/or one who has a heart for surviving families and the military community, we would love to have you join us. No building experience is necessary! We are looking for a team of 14-20 individuals to build a three-room house.

I’d like to have some more information on Acuña, Mexico…

Please visit this link to watch a video and read more information on Acuña, Mexico — http://www.casasporcristo.org/#/locations/acua-mxico

What exactly is included in the $425?

The $425 primarily pays for the cost of the house-building materials. The house itself costs $6,500. So we are paying for the house AND building it! AGF will be covering many of the other costs associated with the trip, including rental van for transportation from San Antonio and Del Rio, Texas to Acuña, Mexico, as well as hotel, food/water, and insurance.

If I raise more than $425, where will the extra money go?

As a group, we will buy gifts for the family to give as house-warming presents. Any extra money that you raise will go towards purchasing these gifts for our family.

What is the schedule for the entire trip?

Monday, June 13: Team arrives in San Antonio; van leaving airport around 4:30PM CST. We will be staying at a hotel in Del Rio, TX this evening.

Tuesday, June 14: Cross the Mexican border and begin building

Tuesday, June 14-Friday, June 17: Building house

Saturday, June 18: Visit orphanage; stay back in San Antonio this evening

Sunday, June 19: Depart for home

What documentation will I need to travel in and out of Mexico?

First and foremost, you will need an up-to-date passport or passport card. Please begin the process of applying for one now if you do not have one or it is expired. You will need a valid passport to cross into Mexico and then enter back into the US once we are finished with our build.

I want to go! What do I do now?

Please send a $100 deposit to Aaron Grider Foundation. You can write a check (checks made out to “AGF”) or go online and hit the “donate” button.

Finally, please visit the Casas por Cristo website at www.casasporcristo.org for more specifics on Acuña, outline of general schedule, and frequently asked questions. Again, do not hesitate to contact Brittany if you have more questions or would like to speak about the trip in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you as you consider joining us on this wonderful missions opportunity.

Hope Endures.